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Huawei Highlights its Work to 'Bridge the Digital Divide' at the WSIS

Huawei Highlights its Work
to 'Bridge the Digital Divide' at the WSIS

(Tunis, TUNIS - 16 November 2005) Huawei Technologies is highlighting its commitment to supporting the aims of an Information Society for All, the key policy of the World Summit on the Information Society, during the WSIS session in Tunis on November 16-18, 2005.

Huawei, which is a major sponsor at the Tunis conference, has been heavily involved for many years in assisting the telecommunication industry and telecom operators achieve sustainable development in the area of telecommunications in less developed areas of the world.

Huawei has closely positioned itself to the principles of "enriching life through communication" and has played a key role in working to help 'Bridge the Digital Divide' and achieve sustainable development for telecommunications both in China and many areas of the world.

The company's growth in China has been closely aligned to the rapid and successful development of China's communications industry. The company's digital telecommunications technology development, and its strength in research and development of new proprietary technologies has been responsible for reducing costs and accelerating the growth of China's domestic telecommunications infrastructure, whilst propelling China's entry into the major telecommunications marketplace.

For example, Huawei's Rural Wireless Access System, which provides fast, inexpensive rural communications solutions for populations in China's vast and geographically challenging interior, together with new telecoms technology in telephone, mobile and internet technologies has provided a catalyst for the development of regions such as Western China.

"Huawei has long recognized its social responsibility to help provide society's need for universal telecommunications services," said Mr. Deng Tao, Senior Vice President of Huawei. "This is partly achieved by working to provide telecommunications access for people of all incomes, in all locations, whatever and wherever the geographical location."

"Indeed, Huawei's technologies, products, operations and services have been helping to promote equal access to telecommunications in society in both underdeveloped as well as developed nations of the world for over a decade," he explained.

In recent years Huawei has provided communications services and solutions in areas of natural disaster including the Algeria earthquake in 2003, and during the recent Indian Ocean Tsunami with the provision of emergency telecoms equipment and services for affected countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

Skills and training for telecommunications experts of the future has been provided to over 8,000 personnel from around the world at the company's Shenzhen training centre alone, and the company has also developed training centres around the world in markets such as Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Moscow.

"Huawei understands and takes great pride in its responsibility to work with a wide variety of businesses and industries around the world to help close the Digital Divide," said Mr Deng. "It is through partnership, cooperation and technological innovation that we can all help promote equal access to telecommunications in society".

Vice president of Ghana Alhaji Aliu Mahama, and communication minister A.Kan Dapaah visit Huawei's booth

Communication minister of India Mr. Maran visit Huawei's booth

Communication minister of China Mr. Xudong Wang visit Huawei's booth

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World Summit on the Information Society, Tunis 2005
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