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SmartAX Outdoor DSLAM

SmartAX Outdoor B01D Series

SmartAX outdoor B01D Series meets the requirements of outdoor application scenarios, which includes D200, D500, and D1000. SmartAX MA51/53/56 series can be settled into these cabinets.

Product Description:

Main Specifications:

Type B01D200 B01D500 B01D1000
(W * H * D, mm)
1250*1200*550 1550*1550*550 1900*1650*550
Transmission Capacity STM-1/4 STM-1/4 STM-1/4
ODF/DDF 12/8 12/8 12/8
Working Temperature (with Heater)
Solar Radiation 1120WM2
-45ºC~+45ºC -45ºC~+45ºC -45ºC~+45ºC
Working Temperature (without Heater)
Solar Radiation 1120WM2
-25ºC~+45ºC -25ºC~+45ºC -25ºC~+45ºC
Rated Input Voltage AC 110-240V AC 110-240V AC 110-240V
Battery Capacity 40AH*2 75AH*2 75AH*2
Backup Time 4Hrs 4Hrs 4Hrs

Features and benefits:

Compact & All-in-one
1) Service frame: Broadband access frame (MA); universal access frame (NB &BB)
2) All components in one, service frame, power system and monitoring module, cooling unit, battery, transmission, lightning arrester, MDF, DDF(optional), ODF

Easy Maintenance & Installation
1) Separate compartment design for different maintenance authority
2) Front access design can be installed against the wall, saving space
3) Provide DC light when maintenance is necessary at night
4) All field replaceable units support hot insertion and extraction
5) Pre-wired design before delivery can decrease the works in the field, only AC cable and fiber need to be connected
6) Provide AC socket for site use.

High Environment Adaptability
1) Advanced thermal control ability, with heat exchanger and cooling fans, ensures normal working at -25ºC~+45ºC
2) Optional Heater for use in cold area -45ºC~+50ºC
3) Prevent water, gas and moisture into the all compartments.
4) Temperature control unit controls the fans and exchanger with different speeds during the operation.
5) Enhanced Cooling Unit for high traffic rate applications

Excellent Protection Design
1) High security three-point locking system, Each compartment is protected by its own door and lock
2) Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, over-heating protection, and reverse polarity in power system
3) Over-voltage and over-current protection in DDF/MDF.
4) N+1 redundancy in power module
5) 2 group of backup batteries and battery alarm
6) Super sealing design: electronics protection from dust, humidity, rain condensation, corrosion prevention

Powerful Monitoring Functions
1) Environment Monitoring Functions: door access, water, temperature, smog, fan state etc.
2) Power System Monitoring Functions: AC voltage, DC voltage, branch current, battery current, breaker state, main failure, etc.
3) Battery Management Functions

Reliability and manufacturing capacity:
1) Certified through extensive testing (meets EMC, Safety, Earthquake, Temperature, Transportation, Storage test)
2) Approximately 5,000 cabinets has installed in the field

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