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SmartAX MA5100 Series ATM/IP Compatible DSLAM

SmartAX MA5100 Multi-service Access Module series are Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) and support both IP and ATM uplinks to fit them for diverse network topologies.

Product Description

Cabinet dimensions: 600 mm*600 mm*2200 mm,(W*D*H).
Three MA5100 frames, maximum 1344 ADSL subscriber lines.
MA5100 frame dimensions: 436.00 mm*420.00mm*444.50mm , (W*D*H)
14 service slots and two redundancy control boards, maximum 448 ADSL subscriber lines.
MA5103 chassis: 436.00 mm*420.00 mm*222.25 mm. (W*D*H)
6 service slots and one main control board, maximum 192 ADSL subscriber lines.


Abundant Interface
1) Diverse Service Interface: ADSL over POTS、ADSL over ISDN (UR2)、VDSL、G.SHDSL、ADSL2+ over POTS、ADSL2+ over ISDN (UR2)
2) ATM Iinterface: STM-4/OC-12, STM-1/OC-3 interfaces, E3 electrical interfaces, Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) interfaces
3) IP Interface to realize long distance access:FE/GE optical or electrical interfaces
4) Multiple local or remote cascading infrastructure

Carrier-Class Reliability
1) Front edge maintenance, Hot-swappable board
2) Redundancy of the important main control board and subtending board
3) Redundant design (N+1) for primary power supply with real-time monitoring and alarm functions
4) NMS has a trans-platform feature that supports multiple operating systems such as Sun Solaris and HP-UNIX and database systems such as Sybase and Oracle

Flexible Networking
1) Remote cascading by ATM STM-1/E3/IMA/ATM E1
2) Multi-topology: star, tree topology through multi-level cascading
3) Rapid construction by using existing transmission resources
4) Easily Transfer from ATM to IP network

Guaranteed QoS
1) Allocate different priority levels to different service types, and support flow shaping and traffic control
2) Support committed access rate (CAR) and allocate bandwidth based on 802.1q priority level to ensure QoS of IP services.

Multicast Services
1) Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping and IGMP Proxy functions
2) Controllable multicast

Powerful L2 Forwarding
1) Traffic shaping, traffic control, 64Kbps granularity
2) 4K 802.1Q VLAN, 4 priority of 802.1p
3) FE/GE port trunking
4) QinQ, Vlan stacking

High Integration
1) Single-node (three cabinets,nine frames) 4000 ADSL lines in floor space of 1.08m2
2) Built-in SPL POTs
3) Large/medium/mini capacity, indoor/outdoor type

Centralized and Unified Management
1) Excellent C/S Architecture
2) High Performance and Scalability
3) Profile-based Batch Operation
4) High Reliability, dual server redundancy
5) High security: Authority-based and Domain-based User Management
6) Abundant functionalities:
    ·Northbound Interfaces
    ·Performance Measurement
    ·CPE Management
    ·Loop-line Test Interface
    ·Environment Monitoring

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