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Getting to the Marco Polo Shenzhen

From HongKong (HK) International Airport to ShenZhen ports or Marco Polo ShenZhen Hotel

  • Take coach from HongKong International Airport to ShenZhen land ports;
  • Arrival at the arrival lounge of HK International Airport, (Note: MUST not go through Hong Kong Customs, i.e. no Hong Kong entry procedure is necessary); Then buy ferry ticket to SheKou,ShenZhen at Pearl River Passenger Transship Counter and make registration; Then Go to designated Transit Hall for baggage identification; Then take free bus to Horizon Passenger Terminal (it takes only 10 minutes) and finally take luxurious express ferry to SheKou ferry port, ShenZhen (it takes about 30 minutes). Ferry Price: 200 HKD/Adult. Operation Time; 09:00 – 21:20.
  • Take the transportation service providing by TRANS-ISLAND CHINALINK (www.trans-island.com.hk) from HK International Airport to Macro Polo ShenZhen Hotel. Location of Ticket Centres: Kiosk A09, Arrival Hall HK International Airport (near to Exit A); Buffer Hall A Counter 5T034C Arrival Hall HK International Airport (near to Exit A). Coach Prices: 180 CNY/Adult. 7-seated Limousine Prices: 200 CNY/Adult. Operation Time: 06:00 – 24:00. Notes: This transportation company is independently operated and not affiliated with Marco Polo ShenZhen. Whole journey takes about 1.5 – 2.0 hours.

Note: If you choose the coach/7-seated limousine car route to hotel, you might be requested to change another coach/7-seated limousine car after you enter ShenZhen, please follow the transportation company staff instruction.

From ShenZhen ports to Macro Polo hotel

  • From LuoHu (Lo Wu) land port: taxi or bus, approx. 9.2 km;
  • From HuangGang land port (24 hours opens): taxi or bus, approx. 4.1 km;
  • From SheKou ferry port: taxi or bus, approx. 17.5 km;
  • From BaoAn International Airport: taxi, aprox.29 km;

The fair of taxi in red colour: First 3 kilometers or less takes 12.5 CNY, each additional kilometer take 2.4 CNY and waiting time during journey takes 0.8 CNY/minute.

Note: Most taxi drivers do not speak English in Shenzhen, so please make sure you have the name and address of Macro Polo Hotel Shenzhen written in Chinese, and show them to the taxi drivers. Following is the name and address of Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen in Chinese.

Marco Polo hotel airport pickup services

  • From BaoAn International Airport ShenZhen

Buick 7-seated car: 480 CNY
Audi A6-L 4-seated limousine: 680 CNY

  • From HongKong International Airport

Benz 4-seated limousine: 1800 CNY
Toyota 7-seated car: 1800 CNY

Note: The price above is valid for per car per way.